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Central and South America Bundle

Product image 1Central and South America Bundle available at ChilliBOM hot sauce store Australia
Product image 2Central and South America Bundle available at ChilliBOM hot sauce store Australia bundle

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Central and South America Bundle Buy transports you to the other side of the world to experience a life where chilli and hot sauce are an integral part of everyday cuisine. All these hot sauces have that classic hot sauce flavour with that zesty vinegar zing. All this at a special discounted bundle price!

The Central and South America bundle contains:

Walkerswood Jamaican Firestick Pepper Sauce, Jamaica

A great balance between the heat from the chilli, the sweet from the cane sugar and the sour tang from the vinegar that gives this sauce a timeless flavour. The chillies used are the local West Indian Red Chilli which are a rarer variety of chilli originating from Antigua and Barbados.

2 and half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Marie Sharp Fiery Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce, Belize

If you like your hot sauces with that instant upfront sharpness then this is the perfect choice. Strong fiery vinegar hits you first then this is followed through by the back of the tongue lingering burn of the habanero.

3 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Melinda's Peri Peri Hot Sauce, Colombia

This is a zesty aromatic hot sauce with the fresh taste of lemon, vinegar and a subtle hint of garlic. The heat from the tabasco, habanero and cayenne is subtle and is just enough to warm your mouth and provide a nice steady burn. This sauce is versatile and works as both a table sauce and marinade and comes in a handy squeeze bottle.

2 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

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