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El Chori

To understand El Chori, you need to understand the famous Argentinian Choripan Sandwich.

A barbecued chorizo sandwich found on every street corner in Buenos Aires. Chimichurri is the fresh and flavourful sauce that is added on top with no other sauces allowed – and it is the secret to bringing the sensational flavours together. Whether it’s enjoyed by the river, in a backyard or whilst watching a game of footy, this humble sandwich has a way of bringing people together.

When Chico the Aussie met Chica the Argentinian, they soon discovered a mutual love for the Choripan (as well as each other).

This led to the creation of El Chori, a celebration of life, love and flavour. Since then, they’ve been creating fresh, natural and mouth watering Chimichurri sauces in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast in Queensland, in honour of a family recipe that has stood the test of time.

Made from scratch with imported spices, El Chori Chimi is handcrafted from our Auntie Celina’s recipe. The unique combination of fresh herbs, chilli, vinegar and an artisanal blend of sunflower and olive oil results in a sauce that zings with flavour.

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