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Pre-orders NOW OPEN for ChilliBOM Red Box AUTUMN 2022 launching FEB 15.

ChilliBOM Challenge Pack

Current Release is sold out - next release available MID-FEBRUARY

8 hot sauces in 15 minutes...8 hot sauces without food or drink, just hot sauce. 8 hot sauces reaching a staggering 1.7 Million SHUs from all natural chillies, no extracts!

Exclusive access to the NEW ChilliBOM Zamfire Reaper Scorpion Hot Sauce rated at 1.7 Million SHUs. PLUS you get $40 worth of online vouchers to use in the ChilliBOM online store

AND Free delivery Australia-wide

Challenge your mates, challenge your Dad, challenge your annoying older sister who thinks she’s better at everything

Are you game?


View those that have come before

Sold out

Current Release: - #04 released 29 NOV 2021

The amazing hot sauces featured in the Challenge Pack are always changing and updating due to availability and "what's hot" (pun completely intended), which means you can experience the burn again and again! Here's what's currently featured in the lineup


2,500 SHUs


14,300 SHUs


65,000 SHUs


150,000 SHUs


430,000 SHUs


1,000,000 SHUs


1,200,000 SHUs


ChilliBOM Zamfire Reaper Scorpion Hot Sauce

1,700,000 SHUs

Challenge Rules

15 minute challenge broken into timed blocks

  • Sauces 1 to 7: fill one teaspoon of hot sauce for each player
  • Sauce 8: just a dab - use a quarter to half a teaspoon for each player
  • Start timer
  • Eat entire spoonful of sauce within first 15 seconds
  • Wait out remaining time without any other foods or drink
  • After allotted time move to the next sauce

Timing and Scoring

  • Sauces 1 to 4: wait 1 minute 30 seconds between each sauce - score 7 points each
  • Sauce 5 to 7: wait 2 minutes between each sauce - score 15 points each
  • Sauce 8: wait 2 minutes for 20 points or 3 minutes for 27 points

Total Time: 15 minutes | Maximum Points: 100

Point Deductions

  • 2 point deducted per sauce if corn chips, chicken wings or other foods are used instead of a teaspoon to eat the sauce
  • 5 points deducted per sauce if any other food or drink is consumed during the 15 minute duration
  • 5 points deducted per sauce if entire spoonful is not eaten within the first 15 seconds


Want to feature on the leaderboard? Make sure you #chillibom when you upload your ChilliBOM Challenge video to Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, YouTube or whatever other place features your video or drop us an email at letting us know where it's stored.

Position Name Challenge Pack release # & date completed Link to Video Points (out of 100)



Release #1
9 Oct 2021



Erica Amber

Release #1
12 Sept 2021


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