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Black Friday Bundle

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Black Friday Bundle Buy 2023 contains these three amazing hot sauces at an amazing 40% off. 

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Dingo Sauce Co Mr Fong's Plum Bomb

This sauces starts with the delicious and distinctive flavours of hoisin and tamarind and ends with the sweetness of plums, but unlike a lot of plum sauces that can be overly sweet, Mr Fong's Plum Bomb is the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy. The birdseye and red chillies help to further separate this sauce from other regular plum sauces, with their subtle, yet welcome, heat.

Hawt Sauce by Derek's Hot Sauce

The addition of Sichuan Pepper to this hot sauce is the true masterstroke. It's lemon flavour has been balanced deliciously with the zing of the rice wine vinegar and the fruitiness of the habanero and Carolina Reaper, all rounded out with the complexity and sweetness of dried onion and date syrup. The Sichuan Pepper also provides a peppery finish with that characteristic numbness on the lips and tip of the tongue....that's maybe why the chilli heat dives straight to the back of your throat.

Uncle Mungo's Bhut Jolokia BBQ Hot Sauce

This sauce is smoky, sweet and spicy with undertones of citrus like all good barbecue sauces. It has a consistency that is thick and smooth but pours easily to coat your favourite foods. The ghost chilli provides a nice level of peppery heat that travels right across the tongue.


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