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ChilliBOM Birthday Bundle

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ChilliBOM Birthday Bundle Buy celebrating our 7th birthday with 4 amazing chilli products at a spectacular 40% off.

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Sweet Heat Co Cowboy Candy - QLD

Take some delicious hydroponically grown jalapeno's, pickle them in apple cider vinegar and then sweeten them with local Central Queensland honey and you have this delicious Cowboy Candy, crunchy, sweet, spicy and highly addictive.

Burleigh Chilli Co Point Break Jalapeno Kiwi Hot Sauce - QLD

When you crack open the bottle the jalapeño and kiwi provide a very distinctive aroma. A thicker style of hot sauce that starts with a sharp hit of vinegar infused with the earthiness and capsicum flavour of jalapeño and the freshness of coriander as well as the distinctive flavour of spring onion all rounded out by a pleasant fruity kiwi fruit finish. As expected the heat from the jalapeño is moderate, that usually means that you are free to add more!

Secret Aardvark Red Scorpion Fiery Hot Sauce

This hot sauce has a thick, slightly chunky, consistency that is easy to pour out of the handy squeeze bottle. The tomatoes provide a rich base flavour and mustard and vinegar give the sauce its tang. This is all rounded out in flavour from a wide range of spices and the fiery heat from the scorpion chilli is punches through starting at the front of your mouth and travelling right to the back of the throat.

Cobra Chilli Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce

This sauce should probably be renamed to tomato garlic habanero because the tomato plays an equally starring role. The upfront tangy flavour bomb is courtesy of the fresh tomatoes and it is perfectly partnered with habanero to deliver a fruity finish to the sauce. The third hero ingredient, fresh garlic, gives this hot sauce it distinctive flavour profile. In terms of heat, the habanero does what it does best provide a nice, delayed, but lingering heat at the back of the throat for a very satisfying burn.


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