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Classical Tastes of Asia Bundle

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Classical Tastes of Asia Bundle Buy transports you right across the continent with flavours from Japan, China, Thailand and India. All this at a special discounted bundle price!

Classical Tastes of Asia bundle contains:

Flying Goose Yellow Chilli Sriracha Hot Sauce

This sauce originates from the port city of Si Racha in eastern Thailand. Historically sriracha sauce was originally served in the local seafood restaurants but it is now an essential part of Asian cuisine. This variety of sriracha is made using yellow chillies, which make up two-thirds of the ingredients, and does not contain any garlic. Without the garlic the chillies are allowed to shine, with a true chilli-fruity flavour and delivering a medium level heat.

2 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Mofo Hot Sauce Miso Sriracha

The soy miso addition gives the hot sauce a distinctly Japanese twist and there are small pieces of ginger and garlic that add another layer of texture and depth to this sauce. The even better thing is that the garlic and ginger do not overpower the same way that they do in some of the more supermarket style sriracha, the flavour of the chilli and the miso get to shine through. 

1 and a half ChilliBOMs out of 5

Secret Aardvark Drunken Garlic Black Bean Sauce and Marinade

A soy sauce based marinade that has a real richness and depth of flavour. That richness and depth comes from the addition of the strong flavours of black bean and garlic as well as a few nips of whiskey thrown in. There is a small amount of chilli present in this sauce, and you get a very slight kick at the back of the throat, but definitely one that over delivers on the flavour scale.

Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Torchbearer Psycho Curry Sauce

This is a rich, thick and creamy sauce and you can really taste all the individual spices. The savoury spices of cumin and turmeric give the curry a deep, earthy flavour while sweet spice of cloves with lime, add a brightness to this sauce. The habanero is complemented by mustard and black pepper to give you a nice all over mouth heat.

2 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

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