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Melbourne Restaurant Scene Bundle

Product image 1Melbourne Restaurant scene bundle available at ChilliBOM Hot Sauce store Australia
Product image 2Melbourne Restaurant scene bundle available at ChilliBOM Hot Sauce store Australia bundle

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Melbourne Restaurant Scene Bundle Buy gives you the tastes and flavours you have come to love from those iconic restaurants that Melbourne is famous for. To showcase this we have bundled together 3 habanero hot sauces that have been created in 3 very different ways. All this at a special discounted bundle price!

Melbourne Restaurant Scene bundle contains:

Basketcase Gourmet Fireball Hot Sauce, South Melbourne

This is a modern take on the traditional Louisiana style hot sauce. Like a more traditional style hot sauce you have your chilli, vinegar and salt but the simple addition of capsicum, garlic and apple juice has helped to bring this to life in a different way.

2 and half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Melbourne Hot Sauce Habanero Roja

Smells like habanero, tastes like habanero and BURNS like habanero all wrapped up with a nice citrus, earthy finish...who could ask for more. The more you eat it the hotter it gets the burn slowly and continually builds at the back of your throat, it is absolutely fabulous!

Four of of 5 ChilliBOMs

Changz Red Habanero

It smells like a salsa when you first open the bottle but the taste takes you somewhere else. The fruity combination of habanero and mango has always made for a good hot sauce, but throw in some spicy ginger and the flavour gets transformed into something else. The chilli and ginger heat is strong and enhances the overall flavour with overpowering it.

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