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Rudolph's Fire Breather 3+1 Bottle Bonus

Product image 1Rudolph's Fire Breather 3+1 Bottle Bonus
Product image 2Red Clipper Habanero Mango Rockmelon & Lime
Product image 3Diemen's The Original Hot Sauce
Product image 4Rudolph's Fire Breather 3+1 Bottle Bonus
Product image 5Rudolph's Fire Breather 3+1 Bottle Bonus

Regular price $40.00

Christmas Edition Red Box with 1 Bottle Bonus Hot Sauce

Price includes shipping within Australia

Rudolph's Fire Breather features 3 bottles of cheeky Australian Hot Sauces ranging from in intensity with a broad mix of flavours from savoury to fruity.

PLUS As a special gift to you we are also including a fourth bonus bottle that you can keep for yourself or add to the Chrsitmas Stocking.

The perfect gift for someone that likes to experiment with their hot sauce flavours!

Rudolph's Fire Breather Includes:

1. Grunds Gourmet Chilli Sauce | Adelaide2 out of 5 chilliboms

Everyday savoury sauce with a mild heat but intense flavour. Chunky, fruity and fragrant with tomato, apple and capsicum. Great with everything but fabulous with bacon and eggs.

2. Diemen's The Original Hot Sauce | Melbourne3 out of 5 chilliboms

This hot sauce gets its uniqueness from the addition of the native Tasmanian "Diemen" Pepper which is 5 times stronger than normal black pepper. A zingy style hot sauce that delivers a hot punch to the mouth.

3. Red Clipper Habanero Mango Rockmelon & Lime | Sydney4 out of 5 chilliboms

Unique combination of mango, rockmelon and lime gives you a fruity freshness to start but then the heat of the habanero leaves you with no illusions that this is a proper hot sauce. Great in a burger or on a steak.

4. Tasting Card with full details of hot sauces in the collection

5. Recipe Card featuring a mouthwatering Hot Sauce Brownie Recipe

BONUS BOTTLE: Fang's Chilli Sauce | Cairns2 out of 5 chilliboms

Moreish everyday savoury sauce that has enough heat to warm you up without the need to quench the fire. Great with everything especially chicken...fried or baked.

*Price includes shipping within Australia

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