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Secret Aardvark Hot Sauce Bundle

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Secret Aardvark Bundle Buy contains the entire amazing range of hot sauces from the Secret Aardvark Hot sauce collection at a special discounted price:


Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce

The combination of roasted tomatoes, vinegar and mustard gives the sauce its fusion style a bit like a salsa crossed with a tomato sauce. It has a thick, slightly chunky, consistency that is easy to pour out of the handy squeeze bottle. The carrot and tomato give this sauce its sweetness and mustard and vinegar its tang. This is all rounded out in flavour from a wide range of spices and the heat is delivered from the ever-fabulous habanero, in this sauce it is not a strong up-front heat but definitely one that builds with each serving.

Secret Aardvark Serrabanero Hot Sauce

Stacy from Secret Aardvark describes this sauce as American Green and will clearly tell you that "Serrabanero is not a Verde sauce!" There is a fresh and zesty flavour to this sauce mainly from the tomatillos and coriander combined with a strong hit of garlic and other spices. You get heat from both the serrano and habanero chillies and you can also taste some pepper thrown in. While this sauce rated at a medium level it is much hotter than what you would expect from a typical green hot sauce.

Secret Aardvark Drunken Garlic Black Bean Sauce

Stacy at Secret Aardvark has created a soy sauce based marinade that is not overly salty and that has a real richness and depth of flavour. That richness and depth comes from the addition of the strong flavours of black bean and garlic as well as a few nips of whiskey thrown in. There is a small amount of chilli present in this sauce, and you get a very slight kick at the back of the throat, but definitely one that over delivers on the flavour scale.

Secret Aardvark Drunken Jerk Jamaican Marinade

This marinade uses traditional jerk seasonings as well as Thyme and allspice which are combined with habanero, soy sauce and garlic. This is all then balanced out with dark rum to make the sauce “drunken” and give it it's name! The spices are very visible and give the marinade some texture, the habanero delivers a satisfying level of heat that you feel at the back of the throat. This is a very tasty and versatile marinade.

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