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The Vegan Bundle, is a collection of our favourite plant based hot sauces all at a special discounted price...

This bundle contains:

Torchbearer Oh My Garlic - Pennsylvania USA

Underneath the garlicy goodness of this sauce is the brightness of lime juice and the tang of dijon mustard. Oh My Garlic is less hot sauce and more aioli but much much better, it is thick and creamy and generously coats your food.

Basbaas Katra's Spicy Sauce - Sydney, NSW

Before you even taste this sauce, you are hit with the earthy aroma from the cumin that gets your mouth watering, and once you put it in your mouth it’s the freshness and amazing zing from the tomato, lemon and coriander that sets this hot sauce apart. Basbaas is the Somali word for chilli and the Birdseye chillies used in this sauce give it a nice consistent heat without being too overpowering.

2 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Dillicious About Last Night - Melbourne, VIC

James and Liza the creators of this amazing sauce happily tell us "no matter what happened last night, a Bloody Mary is the cure" and it is super easy with this hot sauce; just add it straight to a shot of vodka on the rocks and top with tomato juice! But apart from its superior cocktail making abilities this hot sauce also acts as the perfect dipping sauce, with the mix of fruity habanero, brine and Worcestershire sauce delivering an amazing flavour combination. The flavour and heat from the habanero is the stand out making up half of the bottle you really get the full impact of a habaneros fruitiness and lingering heat.

Ceylon Spice Heaven Mad Mix - Perth, WA

The trio of chillies are the three lead ingredients in this hot sauce, and they are definitely the stars of the show, with a rich chilli earthy aroma and full chilli flavour this is a classic hot sauce in every sense. This sauce is very well balanced, and you get a hint of the orange and lemon flavours and a slight sweetness from the onion before the chilli heat comes rushing through, right across the tongue to the back of the throat.


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