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Yellowbird Hot Sauce Bundle Buy experience the premium flavours of Yellowbird Hot sauces direct from Austin Texas, all slow-cooked with premium ingredients and bundled at a discounted price to boot!

Yellowbird Hot Sauce bundle contains:

Yellowbird Blue Agave Sriracha

Sriracha reimagined with blue agave, tangerine and lime. Like all srirachas the chillies, in this case jalapeño, and garlic are there to give the sauce its signature sriracha taste, but the agave nectar adds a complex flavour, like toffee, but not as sweet and the tangerine and lime juices help to balance out this amazing sauce. This is not your typical sriracha, even if you have tried sriracha before and not liked it, I would urge you to give it another go with this little beauty.

1 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Yellowbird Habanero Condiment

This smooth, velvety hot sauce gets your mouth watering from the first sniff. There are definite upfront habanero and garlic flavours with the added sweetness from carrot and onion, there is also a bonus with the subtle, yet vibrant, taste of tangerine and lime taking this hot sauce to another dimension and providing a delicious citrus finish. The habanero heat gets you from about the middle of your tongue to the back of your throat and definitely builds and gets those salvia glands working overtime.h. 

4 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

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