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Review 13 Angry Scorpions Grim Red Box ChilliBOM Hot Sauce Club Carolina Reaper

[REVIEW] 13 Angry Scorpions Grim Hot Sauce

13 Angry Scorpions Grim

This hot sauce is an aged Carolina Reaper sauce that delivers itself in 3 stages - sweet, naughty, grim. You get stage one which is a layer of sweet thanks to the molasses that has its own amazing depth of flavour. Stage two is the naughty tang of distilled vinegar and then stage three is the grim fire and heat of the Carolina Reaper which has been aged for 12 months using a specially developed 13 Angry Scorpions technique.

For those not familiar with the Carolina Reaper it delivers a burn from the roof of your mouth to the pit of your stomach and you can definitely feel this with this sauce, it just happens to take a few seconds longer to hit you thanks to stage 1 and 2.

Normally for a hot sauce at this level I would usually say, if you can stand the heat then put it on everything and this definitely has the depth of flavour to be used as both an accompaniment to your food or to add to your favourite pasta sauce or marinade but that little bit of sweetness on the sauce would also make it a great addition to both parts of a bangers and mash.

You can find 13 Angry Scorpions on Instagram: @13_angry_scorpions_hot_sauce

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Some of the Technical Stuff

Heat Rating 5 out of 5 ChilliBOMs
Chilli Carolina Reaper
Origin Brisbane, Queensland
Featured in ChilliBOM Winter 2019 Red Box
Ingredients Carolina Reaper Chillies, Vinegar, Molasses and Sugar
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