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"It started with a simple Tabasco obsession, then it got a little weird"

- Rodney ChilliBOM (ok, that's not his actual surname)

About Us

About Us

Travelling through Louisiana in 2011, I stumbled across (beelined for) the infamous Tabasco Factory, where I spent a scorching day discovering a set of flavours and varieties of chillies that I can only assume fell directly from the sun.

Upon returning home I was restless, frustrated, confused. How was it that with all the hot sauce available out there, I was still being presented with the same old sauces in every supermarket, restaurant and, well, at my Nan’s house?

Needless to say, my dark obsession grew bolder, bigger and hotter, culminating in a burning inferno of heat, that was the birth of…ChilliBOM, the hot sauce club of Australia!

Made for the chilli lover, this concept is simple. ChilliBOM sources 3 interesting hot sauces from the hottest places on Earth, before lovingly packing them up and sending them directly to you in our iconic Red Box. You get to choose how often you want to receive your hot sauce, every 3 months or every 6 months, and if it all gets too much for you can cancel or skip at any time…we won’t be upset…well...we may be, just a little bit, but you’re the one missing out!

Now let’s go find some Hot Sauce!

Got a hot favourite?

Tell us your saucy secrets and you never know – we might feature your favourite in one of our hot deliveries!

Just drop us an email or chat to us on Facebook.

Why the name ChilliBOM?

We know you’re dying to know where our name comes from, and no, it wasn’t a spelling error, BOM stands for Box of The Month, obvious..right?.
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