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ChilliBOM Heat Ratings

Since its not always possible to measure the heat ratings of Hot Sauce using the Scoville scale (SHUs), here at ChilliBOM we've developed our own little rating system. After an extensive sampling process (which we love to do!) we give each of our hot chilli sauces a ChilliBOM chilli rating out of 5. But strangely enough there are 7 ratings listed below so if you can let us know how we got to this position we'd be very grateful because we can't seem to work it out.

The ChilliBOM Heat Ratings Scale

ChilliBOM Heat Ratings

Explore the Range

You can explore the full range of hot sauces available at each heat rating in the ChilliBOM Hot Sauce Store:

Text Version


Let's get this straight...this is just a sauce the word "hot" should not be associated here


Cool, calm and collected. Perfect for your small children, your mother-in-law or anyone who's had their tastebuds surgically removed


Technically a hot sauce, in the same way that a toy poodle is technically a dog


Proper hot sauce, with enough heat to warm you up without getting you too excited. Kind of like...never mind.

Extra Hot

Look, if you're having this, you're either a seasoned connoisseur of fiery flavour, or you've made a big mistake.


Ditch the milk, grab a fire extinguisher and call your loved ones, sort out your will, and watch the sun rise, one last time.


You might already be dead. If you're not, then there's nothing else to do but ride it out.


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