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ChilliBOM Heat Ratings

We give each of our hot chilli sauces a ChilliBOM chilli rating out of 5, but there are 7 ratings listed below so if you can let us know how we got to this position we would be very grateful because we can't seem to work it out.

 O out of 5 ChilliBOMs  Nada This is just a sauce the word "hot" should not be associated with this
1 ChilliBOM out of 5 Mild Cool, calm and collected. Perfect for your small children, your mother-in-law or anyone who's had their tastebuds surgically removed
2 ChilliBOMs out of 5 Medium Technically a hot sauce, in the same way that a toy poodle is technically a dog
3 ChilliBOMs out of 5 Hot Proper hot sauce, with enough heat to warm you up without getting you too excited. Kind of like...never mind.
4 ChilliBOMs out of 5 Extra Hot Look, if you're having this, you're either a seasoned connoisseur of fiery flavour, or you've made a big mistake.
5 ChilliBOMs out of 5 Inferno Ditch the milk, grab a fire extinguisher and call your loved ones, sort out your will, and watch the sun rise, one last time.
More than 5 ChilliBOMs Insanity You might already be dead. If your not, then there is nothing else to do but ride it out.
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