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Fiji Fire Maker Story

ChilliBOM Maker Stories

Fiji Fire Bongo Chilli Hot Sauce
Bula Vinaka!

Fiji Fire uses vibrant, exotic and healthy ingredients

Fiji is known for having picturesque beaches and some of the friendliest people in the world. What they are not as well known for (Chilli heads excluded) is the native grown Bongo Chilli - a variety of the habanero with a sweet and fruity flavour that packs a serious punch.

Combine the native Bongo Chilli with local wild-harvested Fijian turmeric, throw in some Tasmanian sea salt and bottle it up in tropical paradise by some friendly local villagers and voila - you get FIJI FIRE.

Fiji Fire is passionate about their hot sauces using only vibrant, exotic and healthy ingredients. They're also passionate about maintaining a healthy planet - and have a special love for Fiji!

Growing the Fijian Fire ingredients is a community affair

Local Fijian village farmers from Serua, Tailevu, Nabuka Vesi and Beqa Island grow the Bongo chillies, and the village women collect the wild turmeric that forms the base of the hot sauce ingredients. The production and sales of Fiji Fire allow these villagers to purchase necessities for their communities who own the land.

Fiji is an inspiring place to make hot sauce...  

However, the effects of global climate change have created challenges to the growth and farming of ingredients. Agriculture has become less predictable, with more powerful and frequent cyclones destroying crops.

Fiji Fire is a family-owned business, with a mission to deliver the best of Fiji to the world while protecting Fiji's magnificent yet fragile coral reef. The family proudly partner with Coral Reef Alliance, with a portion of proceeds from every bottle of Fiji Fire purchased going towards Coral Reef Alliance – to help protect the vast network of reefs surrounding Fiji.

ChilliBOM’s Review of Fiji Fire:

"The use of the chilli in this sauce is a stand-out and there is a wonderful balance between the freshness of the Bongo and the other locally sourced ingredients including the zinginess from the vinegar, the sweetness from the carrots and the earthiness from the wild picked turmeric. This hot sauce is made in a chunkier style but is absolutely perfect for allowing the tanginess of the Bongo chilli to shine through."

Rapid Fire Questions with Fiji Fire!

Sweet or savoury? Savoury

Beer or wine? Beer

Dog or cat? Dog

Camping or binge TV? Camping

How often do you eat hot sauce? Every day. Pretty much every meal, every day, every minute.

On a heat scale 1 – 10 where do you sit? 5

Pan fried snapper w/
Fiji Fire salsa

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