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ChilliBOM Scoville Scale Pepper X Edition Poster

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Scoville Heat Scale Poster - UPDATED Pepper X Edition

Crowned in August 2023 the Pepper X is rated the World's Hottest Chilli and is featured on the new edition of our very popular Scoville Heat Scale A2 poster.

A handy and stylish reference for The Chilli Fanatic with a breakdown of the Scoville Heat Units (SHUs) for a comprehensive list of different chilli varieties.

It starts with the Bell Pepper rated at 0 SHUs all the way to the Pepper X (2.693 Million SHUs) and beyond up to 16 Million SHUs which is the rating of pure capsaicin

Hang it in your bedroom, garage, greenhouse or store!

Some of the Technical Stuff


A2 (that's four times the size of an A4)
420 x 594mm | 16.5 x 23.4in

Paper Weight 200gsm (that's thicker than normal paper)
Based on Scoville Heat Scale ChilliBOM Page


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