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Aussie Hero Hot Sauce Bundle

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Aussie Hero Hot Sauce Bundle Buy contains three amazing iconic Aussie hot sauces at a special discounted price:

Danny Balboa's Electric Dynamite

This hot sauce Dan combines two ingredients you would at first glance think a little bit strange, roasted capsicum and orange, but this unusual pairing blends amazingly. This sauce has fruitiness with a real depth of flavour and a good level of habanero heat. There is also a little bit of grittiness to this thick sauce that it gives it real texture that enhances the sauce overall.

13 Angry Scorpions Notorious H.A.B. Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is made with aged red habanero peppers and is jammed packed with real mango. It has a nice upfront fruity mango flavour and is beautifully balanced with vinegar, sugar and ginger to give you a nice clean finish. The habanero heat works its way right to the back of the throat to deliver a robust, mouth-warming heat.

Diemen's Inferno Hot Sauce

All Diemen's hot sauces are famous for their use of the Diemen Pepper which is native to Tasmania and when you try this sauce you can see flecks of pepper suspended within. While the Carolina Reaper, as you would expect, delivers a very intense heat, the Diemen's team have managed to deliver this heat in a way that does not overshadow the overall flavour of the sauce, so you get to taste all the other elements before you mouth starts to go numb! This is an incredibly smooth sauce with a nice balance between the vinegar, lime and the spice.


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