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Meet Vaughn Henry - Cobra Chilli

Using all-natural ingredients with some of the planet’s hottest chillies (as determined by the Guinness Book of World Records) and some traditional favourites, Cobra Chilli has delicious sauces that cater from Mild to Wild!

Aimed at the high-end of the market, Cobra Chilli is sold in speciality chilli stores, delicatessens, butcheries and gourmet supermarkets.

Australian made, all natural, multi-award winning premium Chilli Sauces.

The humble beginnings of Cobra Chilli

What came first, the chilli or the seed? It’s funny because a similar question has puzzled chicken & egg enthusiasts for centuries. Fortunately, as a cultivated saucier, Vaughn Henry (Cobra Chilli Founder) has the answer… It was the seed!.

But Vaughn didn’t just choose any seed, the Carolina Reaper chose him – and from small plantations of chilli plants at Beelbi Creek, on Queensland’s Fraser Coast, the Cobra Chilli legend was born.

Vaughn first started growing chillies at home, just for fun - not having ever grown any fruit before. He was quite surprised when all the plants fruited, resulting in loads of quality chillies. After pondering what to do with them all… he decided to make a sauce!

How do you make your sauces?

First - I start with the flavour. If it doesn't taste good, then no amount of chilli is going to make it taste any better. Once we get the flavour balance right, we add different chilli to get the heat and flavour profiles that we’re after. Always use fresh ingredients, and listen to the Chilli gods when they start talking to you!

Cobra Chilli Scotch B Pepper Sauce 150ml ChilliBOM Hot Sauce Store Hot Sauce Club Australia Chilli Sauce Subscription Club Gifts SHU Scoville group

What’s your favourite Cobra Chilli sauce?

That’s a really tough question - we’ve got nearly 50 products in our range. It depends on what I am eating. If it’s bacon and eggs - Blazing Saddles is my go-to. If it’s a steak burger, I would reach for the Hopinator BBQ sauce, and then I love the Magic Sauce on steamed Dim Sims or Noodles. We have a sauce for everything.

Cobra Chilli Hopinator Barbecue Sauce 250ml ChilliBOM Hot Sauce Store Hot Sauce Club Australia Chilli Sauce Subscription Club Gifts SHU Scoville group2

What are you passionate about?

My Wife!! I love her and I love our life. I am passionate about our sauces, making the products better and bringing new products to market. We have a great life running our businesses together, we get to travel a lot and take our sauces to the markets in various places.

It’s all about the Chilli - I am passionate about serving the Chilli Gods!

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