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CLEARANCE - Hawt Sauce by Derek's Hot Sauce

Smoking Ed's Carolina Reaper the World's Hottest Chilli

Could you be sitting on a World Record and not even know it?

No Current World Record Holder

While there is a whole range of pepper and chilli related records listed on the Officially Amazing Guinness World Records website, there is no current World Record holder for the LARGEST COLLECTION of HOT SAUCE. This is surprising given the number of pages we could find on line of chilli fanatics and their hot sauce collections.

Some of you may know of the (unofficially) biggest reported collection belonging to Vic Clinco from Phoenix Arizona who in 2010 had a reported 2,500 bottles of hot sauce and who three years later had more than doubled this to 6,000 bottles. His collection is widely celebrated and he is a very active member in the hot sauce community known on instagram as @pepperboy143. But despite this extensive collection (and a huge round of applause from ChilliBOM), this has not been offcially recorded by Guiness World Records, so you still have a chance to claim your very own world record!

While here at ChilliBOM we have a reasonably large collection of hot sauces we tend to eat them too quickly for any records to be broken…maybe that could be a new award classification we could apply for!

Can you claim a World Record collection of hot sauces? Tell us how many you have in your collection?

Below is a list of chilli related World Records that we could find listed on the Guinness Book of Records website:

Hottest Chilli Pepper

Smokin Ed's Carolina Reaper, Puckerbutt Pepper Company, Rock Hill USA, Record Set: Aug 2013

Chilli Eating Records (aka Bravery Records)

Most Carolina Reaper Chillies Eaten in 1 Minute120 grams Gregory Foster, USA, Nov 2016

Most Jalapeño Chilli Peppers eaten in 1 minute16 by Alfredo Hernandes from Chicago USA 17 Sep 2006

Most Bhut Jolokia Chilli Peppers eaten in 2 minutes66 grams by Jason McNabb LA, USA 19 Jun 2013 - Bhut Jolokia held the World Record for Hottest Chilli in 2007

Fastest time to eat 10 Bhut Jolokia Chillies - 30.7 seconds by Amedonou Kankue (Togo) in Milan, Italy 19 June 2014 recorded on the TV Show Lo Show Dei Record.

Fastest time to eat 3 Bhut Jolokia Chillies16.15 seconds by Jason McNabb (USA) in Milan, Italy 19 June 2014 recorded on the TV Show Lo Show Dei Record.

Plant Related Records

Heaviest Chilli PepperGreen Pepper weighed in at 290g on 6 Nov 2009 by Ed Curry (of Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper fame) in Pearce, USA

Longest Chilli Pepper StringMeasured 1,395m long and consisted of over 29,000 red chillis. Record was set on 11 October 2008 by 2,500 citizens of Suncheon City, South Korea.

Tallest Pepper Plant4.87m for a 2 year old tree in Spring of 1999 by Laura Liang California, USA

Something a bit left of field

Longest Habanero Pepper Kiss - 1 minute and 41 secs on 11 June 2016 in Mexico by Carly Waddell and Evan Bass on the TV Show Bachelor in Paradise, where the couple ate Habanero Peppers and then had to kiss.

Tell us how many hot sauces you have in your collection in the comments below or leave a comment on our Facebook Page.

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