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ChilliBOM Summer 2016 Hot Sauce Box

[REVIEW] ChilliBOM's first ever Hot Sauce Box - Summer 2016

Our first ever ChilliBOM box was a tribute to our growing Australian Hot Sauce industry with sauces from Melbourne and Queensland.

Diemen's Stinger Hot Sauce | 3 and a half chilliboms out of 5

This one gets it uniqueness from the addition of the native Tasmanian “Diemen” Pepper that is fruiter in flavour and is five times stronger than normal black pepper. Marry that up with strong heat from Habanero and Cayenne and you get a fruity style sauce with smooth earthy flavours and an even heat. More info...

Cobra Chilli Congo B Ultra Hot Pepper Sauce3 ChilliBOMs out of 5

Made with the Congo Black Chilli (Chocolate Habnero) the hottest of the Habanero family, this sauce gives you an upfront kick with a clean taste that cuts across the tongue and all of this flavour is achieved by using only 3 ingredients. More info...

Melbourne Hot Sauce Habanero Roja4 ChilliBOMs out of 5

Just the colour of this sauce makes you wary, the bright fiery red liquid is made from Habanero Peppers and has an upfront citrus flavour with a depth coming from a hint of ginger and lemon. Be warned this hot sauce may not pack that chilli punch the second you put it in your mouth but it sneaks up on you, and the burn slowly builds at the back of your throat so don’t go too hard too fast! More info...

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