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Secret Aardvark Hot Sauce Collection

Secret Aardvark Trading Co. was founded in 2004 by creative and culinary genius Scott Moritz in Portland Oregon. His love of travel, surfing, making music and telling stories was matched only by his passion for discovering the flavours of the world.

Friends and family always coveted a spot at Scott’s table, where you never knew what delicious and unforgettable dishes (and tales) would emerge from the kitchen. His adventures ended far too soon when we lost him to pancreatic cancer in 2009. Today, his dream of sharing his unique and flavourful hot sauces is carried forward by his wife Stacy who continues to blend and create these amazing sauces.

About the Secret Aardvark

When he was in his late teens, Scott and his friends read an editorial in the local paper that outlined the “Nine ways to identify a gang”. They thought the article was so ridiculous (as it only stereotyped social groups) that they wrote a satirical letter to the editor claiming to be a part of a gang called the “Secret Aardvarks”. The paper took them seriously and published a warning about the new gang, and he laughed about it until years later when he deemed his hot sauce worthy of the name.

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