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With 7 days to go to first delivery there is one important thing missing

With 7 days to go to first delivery there is one important thing missing

So we are just 7 days away from the delivery of the very first ChilliBOM hot sauces box, stress levels have been high, but I have been very pleased with myself on how planned I have been. Lining up deliveries of the first 3 hot sauces (which are all awesome, by the way) as well as the various bit and pieces that are going into the boxes…but there is one thing still missing…the box itself.
ChilliBOM received a call on Monday morning (yesterday) informing us that the boxes, which had arrived a week before, are still stuck in customs awaiting a trip through the X-Ray machine to make sure that they don't have anything in them that they are not supposed to! WTF…I hope they don't have anything they are not bloody supposed to, it is just a cardboard box, a beautiful design and perfect to fit three lovely bottles of hot sauce yes, but just a cardboard box. If you haven’t seen them yet we have included a picture of them here and they also feature on all our product pages.
When I probed a bit further to get a bit more clarity on how long we could be waiting:
Customs Agent: “Three to Four days”.
ChilliBOM: “Is that Three to Four days from now or does that include the time that the boxes have already been in the dock”
Customs Agent: “No from now”
ChilliBOM: Cue the crickets as I pick my jaw up from the floor
Customs Agent: “I will give you another call once they have cleared and we can organise delivery”
ChilliBOM: Not sure what to really say but manage a “Ok thanks please call me as soon as they are cleared” Call ends [Insert many expletives here]
So I have calmed down a little bit now and I am not in full panic stations (yet) but the project manager in me has kicked into overdrive and Plan B is there ready…just in case. It doesn't help things that we are away for the weekend at a wedding so Plan C (and maybe Plan D) will also need to get drawn up and, any dear friends reading this, you may get a late night call to come and help pack some boxes…you have been given fair warning!
Sufficed to say I will not be completely calm until I am waving the delivery man away on the 15th November…but rest assured fellow hot heads you will be getting your hot sauces delivered to your door.
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