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Mystery Red Box Now Available - limited stock - 3 hot sauces $19.95

Aussie Smokehouse Bundle

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ChilliBOM Aussie Smokehouse Bundle Buy is what you need if you are looking to create the perfect Aussie smoked meat cookout. These 3 Aussie chilli sensations are made with quality ingredients to give you everything you need to enjoy your favourite meats. Use the rub before you cook and then slather the hot sauces copiously, then dig in, and the best news is, that it's all a special discounted bundle price.

The ChilliBOM Aussie Smokehouse Bundle contains:

Smokey Q Ghost Pepper Rub

Smokey Q has taken their signature chipotle rub and combined it with ghost chilli (aka bhut jolokia) to create this super-tasty and satisfyingly hot rub designed for any of your favourite meats or vegetables. Simply drizzle olive oil on your BBQ ready meat or vegetables sparingly sprinkle the Ghost Chilli Rub over the meat. For the best flavour SmokeyQ recommend doing this at least 30 mins before cooking.

4 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

The Dinner Party Chef Wood Smoked Habanero Hot Sauce

All the ingredients in this hot sauce are naturally wood smoked, including the chillies, and provides a very rich depth of flavour that underpins the whole sauce. The sweetness from the onion is the other stand-out and blends perfectly with the the fruitiness of the chilli and capsicum. The heat in this sauce is a nice all-rounder with the Cayenne delivering a nice upfront peppery heat and the habanero coming alive at the back of the throat.

3 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Dingo Smoked Sriracha

Fresh red jalapeños are smoked over apple and hickory wood and combined with Caysan chilli to give this classic sriracha a smokey twist.

2 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

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