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The Patch on the Bellarine Orange Hab Bliss Chilli Sauce 150ml

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The Patch on the Bellarine Orange Hab Bliss is like a lot of sweet chilli sauces and has a nice thick syrupy consistency but unlike most sweet chilli sauces this one sports a nice bright orange colour.

It has a strong sweet aroma which is combined nicely with garlic and ginger and you could be tempted to just pick up the bottle and start drinking this sauce as the flavour is so rich and sweet, especially once it is refrigerated. It has an upfront heat that lingers and builds the more you eat so don’t get too addicted to this sauce.

This may sound a bit random but I use this sauce as a topping on vanilla ice cream it is a very unique experience.

Some of the Technical Stuff

Heat Rating 3 and half chilliboms out of 5
Chilli Habanero
Origin Clifton Springs, Victoria
Size 150ml

Sugar, Vinegar, chilli, garlic, oranges, ginger, salt

Vegetarian, Vegan

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