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Fire Dragon Chillies Deadly Chilli Sauce 125ml

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Fire Dragon Chillies Deadly Chilli Sauce is a classic style hot sauce just dialled up to an insanely hot level. The colour is the first hint that there is fire in the bottle with an intense red colour. This hot sauce includes a 'Scorpion Trilogy' including Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga Scorpion and the Butch T (which once held the World Record as the world's hottest chilli).

Clint, the chilli fanatic he is, couldn't help himself also throwing in some Bhut Jolokia's, Naga Vipers (another record holder) and Habaneros just to keep it all interesting.

I don't think I need to tell you that this is one insane hot sauce. For me the heat from a scorpion chilli has a way of sitting at the back on the roof of your mouth and this one decided to camp out there for a few minutes!

I leave this one to you in terms of where to enjoy this sauce, just please go slow.

This product is exclusive in Australia to ChilliBOM.

Rodney @ ChilliBOM

Some of the Technical Stuff

Heat Rating 5 out of 5 ChilliBOMs
Chilli Trinidad Scorpion (including the Butch T) and Moruga Scorpion are the main ones but there are also some Bhut Jolokia, Naga Viper and Habanero thrown in
Origin Aotearoa, New Zealand
Size 125ml
Ingredients Chilli (65%), Roasted red capsicum, organic cider vinegar, onion, garlic, lemon, lime, olive oil, organic seat salt
No Artificials

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