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Crack Fox Hot Sauces

Crack Fox is a long story. A nickname that came, saw, conquered, and probably got taken too far.

What began as a dig at a city gal's knack for finding treasure in trash turns out when applied in the Rainbow Region was a whole other kettle of coral trout. Crack Fox in the Rainbow Region was a misunderstood scavenger no more, but a fully-fledged orange pickin, bush-lemon hoarding, mulberries-into-the-pockets stuffing warrioress! (Or so she felt.) Crack Fox had found home.​

And so, the Crack Fox Hot Sauce range is a bit of a power ballad to the Byron Bay area, a real stand on the table sing into the end of a baguette Bohemian Rhapsody break down.
Crack Fox is dedicated to bringing you not just any old hot sauce but a planet-lovin, refined sugar-free, all natural flavour-bomb tastebud-party made from damn good produce grown by local legend farmers using sustainable, land regenerative practices.
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