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Chilly Hermit

Chilly Hermit is a small batch, handcrafted hot sauce company based in Australia. Founded by Andrew Hewson, who having worked in the film industry for over 14 years, decided to take on a new challenge and pursue his passion for cooking. When moving from London to Perth with his beautiful partner Lauren he knew this would be an ideal time to start this culinary adventure.

After years of experimenting with different recipes and trialling them out on friends and family, he refined several hot sauce recipes - not only did they have great heat but also a depth of flavour to rave about. A few splashes are guaranteed to elevate any dish and tantalise the taste buds. Combining his passion for hot sauces with his love for movies is where the names take their inspiration.

Chilly Hermit is made from fresh locally sourced ingredients from Australia. No added preservatives, stabilisers or sugars included. No artificial colours or flavours. Gluten free & vegan friendly.
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