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Barcel - USA

Basbaas - NSW

Bear Brewing - NSW

Blair's Death Sauces - USA

Bondamajak - NSW

Bravado Spice Co - USA

Brutus Hot Sauce - SA


Ceylon Spice Heaven - WA

Changz - WA

Chilli Cartel - NSW

Chilli Coffee - QLD

Chimpy Fonzarelli - QLD

Chinchilli - QLD

Crowley's - NSW

E + F

Fang's - QLD

Fenglehorn - QLD

Fire Dragon Chillies - NZ

Flying Goose - USA


Hill Billy Chillies - VIC

Hoff's - USA


Last Meal - VIC

League of Fire - UK

Lil' Becky's - VIC


Mad Dog - USA

Madam Chilli - NSW

Mama Liz's - NSW

Marie Sharp - Belize

Mary Lou's - NSW

Marysol - NSW

Meet Your Maker - USA

Mofo Hot Sauce - WA

P + Q

Pain is Good - USA

Papa Peachy - NSW


Ranch Hand Foods - NSW

Rhino Hot Sauces - USA


Samyang - South Korea

Seafire Gourmet - USA

Sky Valley - USA

Space Coyote - QLD

SSB Chillies

Strangelove - VIC

Stubbs - USA


Taki's - Mexico

The Chile Banditos - NSW

The Chilli Chick Shop - NSW

The Chilli Effect - QLD

The Chilli Project - NSW

The Dinner Party Chef - QLD

Torchbearers Sauces - USA

Tuana - NSW


Ugly Foods - VIC

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