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ChilliBOM Red Box Summer 2020 The Chilli Project Fiery Date Hot Sauce

[REVIEW] The Chilli Project Fiery Date Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is made with Granny Smith apples sourced from Glenbernie Orchard in NSW, these are combined with dates to give it a fruity upfront aroma and a consistency that you would typically get from apple sauce that coats your whole mouth. The hero ingredient, dates, definitely shine through, providing a natural sweetness and rich depth of flavour. The habanero and fatalli chillies also add to the overall fruitiness and rather than a hard hitting upfront heat you get a progressive build. The fatalii delivers heat to the side of your tongue while the habaneros hit the back of your throat. Michelle has pulled together a truly unique sauce.

Great for your summer barbecue feasts; steak sandwiches, grilled chicken, barbecued pumpkin or sweet potato. The fruit base of this sauce also makes it a great sauce to add to your favourite cake recipe like chocolate brownies or even as a topping for a big bowl of ice cream.

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Some of the Technical Stuff

Heat Rating 3 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs
Chilli Habanero, Fatalii
Origin Wollongong, NSW
Featured in ChilliBOM Red Box Summer 2020
Ingredients Granny smith apples, apple juice, Australian grown Khadrawy dates, Fatalii & Habanero chillies, salt, garlic, organic cacao, sunflower oil.
Chilli Project Collection at ChilliBOM
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