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ChilliBOM Red Box Winter 2023 Walkerswood, 13 Angry Scorpions, Sweet Heat Co

ChilliBOM Red Box Winter 2023


Fiyah, the Jamaican Patois word for fire, is well and truly celebrated in this Winter edition. The first hot sauce is direct from Jamaica itself, made in St Ann by the most famous hot sauce brand of the region Walkerswood, this hot sauce sets the benchmark and defines the traditional Jamaican scotch bonnet hot sauce. The second sauce, made by Sweet Heat Co on the Sunshine Coast, has locally sourced ingredients and family roots in the West Indies and USA that have been drawn upon to create a Southern American style barbecue sauce! Last but not least is red box alumni 13 Angry Scorpions with their unique take on the classic habanero mango hot sauce, I could try and draw some link to the West Indies with this sauce...but well...two out of three ain't bad, it's a cracking sauce and you are going to love it. Enjoy!

Walkerswood Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce (St Ann, Jamaica)3 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Scotch Bonnet

Instagram: @walkerswood

The Scotch Bonnet is the native chilli of Jamaica and is a very close cousin to the habanero. It has a sweeter, fruitier flavour profile but the same slow-building, lingering burn. This hot sauce has been hailed as the benchmark for all the Scotch Bonnet hot sauce, it harnesses the full potential of the chilli, providing a simple, authentic Jamaica...[Read The full Review]

Sweet Heat Co. Hot To Trot Carolina Reaper Honey BBQ Sauce (Tannum Sands, QLD)4 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Carolina Reaper

Instagram: @sweetheataus

Kat and Tom are based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and have created this Southern American style barbecue mustard sauce in honour of Kat's family heritage. Kat fell in love with chillies, cooking and spicy food growing up on her grandfather's hydroponic farm in the West Indies and Tom has used his farming know how to design and build their very own...[Read The full Review]

13 Angry Scorpions The Notorious H.A.B. Aged Red Habanero Hot Sauce (Brisbane, QLD)4 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Habanero

Instagram: @13_angry_scorpions_hot_sauce

Patrick has delivered yet again with this B.I.G hot sauce! He has perfected the art of chilli ageing and the habanero mash used in this hot sauce has been aged up to 24 months. The mash is then blended with mango, ginger and carrot to create a delicious hot sauce with the perfect balance between fruity and tangy. There is a nice upfront fruity mango...[Read The full Review]

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