[REVIEW] Mofo Hot Sauce Orange Habanero

Mofo Hot Sauce Orange Habanero

This is the first hot sauce we have featured from Western Australia in the ChilliBOM Red Box. The Mofo Orange Habanero Hot Sauce gets its striking orange colour from two special ingredients: orange habaneros and apricots. The apricot plays a double role, first, it gives this sauce a nice thick, smooth consistency, that does take a bit to get it out of the bottle but is well worth the effort. And second it provides a great flavour pickup for the orange habanero which is known for its natural apricot flavours.

Combine this with garlic, onion and ginger and you have yourself one very tasty sauce. The distinctive habanero heat is delivered all over your mouth thanks to the sauces thicker consistency

This hot sauce is perfect for a chicken burger (especially one with red cabbage slaw!).

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Some of the Technical Stuff

Heat Rating  4 out 5 ChilliBOMs
Chilli Orange Habanero
Featured in Winter 2018 ChilliBOM Red Box
Origin Perth, Western Australia
Size 150ml
Ingredients Onion, Apricot, water, vinegar, Habanero, tomato, vegetable oil, garlic, sugar, ginger, salt, spices
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