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ChilliBOM Red Box Autumn 2023 hot sauce club Australia A1 Hot Sauce Cult Sauce Co Sir Racha

ChilliBOM Red Box Autumn 2023


We have now officially been located in our new Tweed Heads warehouse for a year and what you do notice when you travel around the local area is that you are very, very likely to come across a road sign where inspired locals have scratched-off or spray painted over the the letter "T" of Tweed to reveal the true name of our new home - Weed Heads. We thought it fitting to celebrate by featuring a deliciously fruity, first-to-market hot sauce from one of our Northern Rivers neighbours, Cult Hot Sauces. Travel a bit further down the NSW coast to Port Macquarie (Paw Paw Curry), where 'Sir Racha' have created their own version of a Thai favourite, can you maybe guess what style of hot sauce it is! Then we go on a cross-country trek to Perth (P-Town) for our last delectable savoury/sweet creation from A1 Hot Sauces. Enjoy!

Sir Racha Hotter Hot Sauce (Port Macquarie, NSW)3 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Jalapeño, Habanero

Instagram: @sirracha_aus

Like any good sriracha the secret lies in the chilli fermentation. For Sir Racha this is a 2 week process with fresh chillies sourced locally in North Coast New South Wales and these are fermented alongside onion, garlic and a pinch of salt. The ferment is then combined with vinegar and tomato to give it that classic sriracha finish. The tanginess ...[Read The full Review]

A1 Hot Sauce Habanero Honey (Perth, WA)4 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Habanero

Instagram: @a1_hotsauce

Andy has used his background as a chef to combine some amazing flavours to create this delicious savoury/sweet hot sauce. The fruitiness of habanero has been expertly paired with mango, pineapple and raw honey. This has then been balanced with the earthiness of ginger, turmeric and curry leaf to deliver a hot sauce that has a complex savoury flavou...[Read The full Review]

Cult Sauce Peach Guava Sauce (Tyalgum, NSW)2 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Habanero, Cayenne

Instagram: @cult_sauce_tyalgum

When we spoke to Pallidan from Cult Sauce about being part of the Red Box he instantly knew which recipe in his ever-expanding repertoire to include, and you are in for a treat, with this first-to-market release hot sauce. The distinctive flavours of peach and guava embody this hot sauce and makes it taste more like fruit juice than a sauce. Layere...[Read The full Review]

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