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ChilliBOM Spring 2017 Red Box

[REVIEW] ChilliBOM Spring 2017 Red Box

The Spring 2017 ChilliBOM Red Box is a showcase of diverse flavours and heat level; from mild savoury to mid-level traditional to extreme smoky, just trying to mix it up!

Fang's Chilli Sauce (Cairns, QLD AUSTRALIA) One ChilliBOM out of 5

ChilliBird's eye Chilli 

The main ingredients of tomato, vinegar and chilli really stand out when you smell the sauce, but the inclusion of garlic, ginger and fish sauce take this chilli sauce to another level, giving it a moreish quality that makes you want to keep eating! It has a nice even heat that lingers right across the mouth, enough to warm you up, without the need to stop and quench the fire. Read the full review.

Arizona Gunslinger Jalapeño Pepper Sauce (Mesa, Arizona, USA) 2.5 out of 5 chilliboms

Chilli: Jalapeño 

There are only 3 ingredients that make up this classic hot sauce; Red Ripened Jalapeños, Vinegar and Salt, and they all play their part perfectly. When you taste the sauce, you get an instant hit from the vinegar but this fades quickly to leave an earthy and slightly sweet flavour. This is a medium heat sauce so small amounts leave you with a nice buzz, but because of this you will probably use more than a small amount so it can build up on you, especially around the lips and front of the mouth. Read the full review.

Chinchilli Smoked Habanero Chilli Sauce (Ballogie QLD, AUSTRALIA) 4 out of 5 chilliboms

Chilli: Habanero

It is a very thick and chunky sauce with visible seeds and pulp. The sweetness of the capsicum carries through and is nicely balanced with the smokiness, which is not overpowering and enhances the overall flavour. This sauce is not for the feint-hearted when it comes to heat, with 38% habanero the heat is intense and it sticks around. Read the full review.

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