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ChilliBOM Winter 2017 Red Box

[REVIEW] ChilliBOM Winter 2017 Red Box

The ChilliBOM Winter 2017 Red Box features our hottest sauces yet with all three sauces showcasing some of the World’s hottest chillies in 3 very different ways. Sure to warm the belly on these cold winter nights and they make perfect additions to your hot sauce collection

The Chilli Effect El Presidente's Demise (AUSTRALIA) 4 and half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

CHILLI: Habanero, Carolina Reaper + Bird’s Eye

ORIGIN: Sydney, Australia

ABOUT: This sauce is a bit darker in colour than your typical sauces and you can smell it sweetness and smokiness straight out of the bottle. The initial sweet and sour flavour you get from the pineapple, lime and tomato is quickly overshadowed by the 3 different chillies that feature in the sauce, including the current World’s Hottest Chilli – The Carolina Reaper. The smokiness you can smell is not as strong when you taste the sauce, but it is enough to give this sauce an unexpected distinctiveness. There is not much of an upfront burn but a heat that builds and builds on the roof of the mouth and that can stick around for a good 5 minutes – probably thanks to the Reaper!

USE IT WITH: Pastry based foods like pies and sausage rolls, especially if you make them yourself Read the full review.

Culley's Ghost Chilli Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce (NEW ZEALAND)4 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

CHILLI: Bhut Jolokia

ORIGIN: Auckland, New Zealand

ABOUT: As soon as you smell this sauce you think you are going to hook into tomato chutney or salsa but the crazy thing is there are no tomatoes! The red bell peppers, which make up the base of the sauce, add an overall sweetness that is helped along by onions, garlic, lemon and ginger to present it more like a salsa than a hot sauce. You are quickly reminded it is not a salsa, because the heat from the locally NZ grown Bhut Jolokia’s delivers a strong instant heat that then leaves a nice lingering all-over burn.

USE IT WITH: It is no surprise that it is great in place of a salsa or tomato chutney on Mexican food but also as a dipping sauce with fresh cooked prawns. Read the full review.

Crowley's Hot Sauce Haba Nice Day (AUSTRALIA) 4 and half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

CHILLI: Habanero

ORIGIN: Wagga Wagga, Australia

ABOUT: A traditional habanero style hot sauce with its distinctive habanero flavour. The bell peppers help give the sauce some sweetness, but not too much, and the onion and garlic flavours are even more subtle. It is a thicker style of hot sauce with visible seeds, and as almost half of the sauce is made up of habaneros, it packs a powerful punch. This heat is delivered quickly to the back of the tongue with the help of the vinegar, but it then likes to linger and it sticks around for a few minutes!

USE IT WITH: Anywhere you typically use a good quality habanero like burgers, eggs and steak but also great for stir-fries and noodles. Read the full review.

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