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ChilliBOM Red Box Winter 2022 Subscription box hot sauce club Secret Aardvark Mary Lou's The Dinner Party Chef

ChilliBOM Red Box Winter 2022


As you probably know, we recently relocated out of Sydney to a brand new home in Tweed Heads Northern NSW...five days before the floods! We were, very luckily, spared from any damage to our new warehouse but our thoughts are with all those, including some family and friends, that have been, and are still, effected by the devastation of the water and mud and smell and mould! So this edition of the Red Box is dedicated to them, and we will continue to help out when and where we can. Two of the hot sauces that feature in this Red Box are relatively local to our new home; The Dinner Party Chef is from Brisbane a short drive up the M1 and Mary Lou's is based in coastal NSW about 3 hours in the other direction! You are also the first in Australia to try a brand new Secret Aardvark hot sauce. Enjoy!

Mary Lou's Hot Sauce (Yarrahapinni, NSW)3 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Habanero

Instagram: @maryloushotsauce

Made by Matt and Jack and named after their Mum, Mary Lou, this sauce is a flavour packed tomato based hot sauce. You are hit with that distinctive tomato and oregano aroma as soon as you crack open the wax sealed lid. The fresh, zingy tomato flavour is delivered by the combination of both roasted tomato and tomato juice and is enhanced with...[Read The full Review]

Secret Aardvark Aardvark Reaper Smoked Hot Sauce (Portland, Oregon, USA)4 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Carolina Reaper

Instagram: @secretaardvark

A new addition to the Secret Aardvark range and you are the very first to try this product in Australia. This sauce has a thick, slightly chunky, consistency with that distinctive Carolina Reaper aroma. Roasted tomatoes and carrots give the sauce some upfront sweetness and the smoked Carolina Reaper provides a subtle smooth tasting smokey finish...[Read The full Review]

The Dinner Party Chef Pomanero Hot Sauce (Moreton Bay, QLD)3 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Habanero

Facebook: @TheDinnerPartyChef

Alongside his amazing hot sauce making abilities, Robert is a chef who will come to your home and cook a delicious dinner for you! No joke, he is based in Brisbane, so hit him up for your next dinner party...does the name of the sauce make sense now? Robert was born in Africa to Lebanese parents and the distinct flavours of this region have truly...[Read The full Review]

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