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ChilliBOM Hot Sauce Club Australia Red Box Spring 2019

ChilliBOM Red Box Spring 2019

'Out of the Box' Edition

We had to physically break out of the box for this edition of the ChilliBOM Red Box! Mark from The Chilli Effect has been a long-time friend of ChilliBOM, and we have been wanting to feature this sauce for a while now, but it just wouldn’t fit no matter how hard we tried, so while Mark and I were wracking our brains over a beer (or two) to work out how to make this work, Mark came up with the great idea of just sending it outside the box…genius…and the ‘Out of the Box’ edition was born.

Orcona Fire in the Hole (Hastings, NZ)  3 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Jalapeño, Cayenne, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Anaheim

Facebook: @OrconaChillisNPeppers

Tricia and Alvin produce all their own sauces in the in-house kitchen at Orcona and source all their ingredients from the Hawkes Bay region in NZ. In this sauce they have used 5 different chillies to create a hot sauce that has an intensity of flavour, full of chilli fruitiness and earthiness. I especially love the little slivers of chilli and chilli seeds in the sauce, they give the sauce some texture and bite as well as making it feel more authentic. The sauce has a good level of upfront heat and plus the added bonus of lingering heat from the habanero and scotch bonnet at the back of your throat. [See the full review]

Changz Trinidad Yellow Hot Sauce (Elsternwick, VIC, AUSTRALIA) 4 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: 7 Pot

Instagram: @changzhotsauce

The Trinidad Yellow 7 Pot is a fruiter, sweeter style of chilli that packs some serious heat. The team at Changz have used pineapple juice as the base of this sauce and this works exceptionally well to enhance the 7-pot fruitiness. The overall heat has been enhanced even further by adding in some spicy ginger and then layering in on top of all that the tanginess of two types of vinegar to give the sauce a great overall balance of flavour. Like most 7-pot chillies the heat on this sauce does not really hit you straight away but slowly warms and builds across your whole mouth the more you eat. [Read the full review]

The Chilli Effect Wizard's Lingering Burn (Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA) 3 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Habanero, Birds Eye

Instagram: @thechillieffect

A smoky Cajun style sauce that is the perfect pairing of tangy tomato and fruity habanero. The inclusion of Cajun spices delivers a deep earthy flavour and there is also the added smokiness of paprika and chipotle seasonings. It has the versatility and smokiness of a good bbq sauce but without all the sweetness that you might get with a bbq sauce. This hot sauce has been aptly named as while the heat is not upfront nor too overpowering there is a lingering burn that sits on the roof of your mouth and that will hang around for a few minutes after you've eaten it. [Read the full review]

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