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ChilliBOM Summer 2018 Red Box Review

ChilliBOM Summer 2018 Red Box

The "Patch of Zing" Edition

This quarter the ChilliBOM Red Box features 3 hot sauces with origins stemming from 3 different countries, but they all share a certain zing-iness (just made that up) either from the flavour or, as you will discover, the heat. It’s also our 2ndbirthday so we hope you enjoy our little gift to you so that you can create your own patch of zing…we would love to see some photos once you have a crop to harvest!

Basbaas Katra's Spicy Sauce Hot (Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA) 2 out of 5 ChilliBOMS


Instagram: @basbaas_australia

Katra hails originally from Somalia and she arrived in Australia as a teenager, but she learned the family recipe to this amazing sauce while she was a refugee in Egypt. Before you even taste this sauce, you are hit with the earthy aroma from the cumin, and once you put it in your mouth it’s the freshness and amazing zing from the tomato, lemon and coriander that sets this hot sauce apart. Basbaas is the Somali word for chilli and the Birdseye chillies used in this sauce give it a nice consistent heat without being too overpowering. The uniqueness of this sauce makes it a great all-rounder but it is fabulous with lamb kebabs and also is a great addition to your favourite sandwich. [See the full review]

Dingo Sauce Co. Bajan One Drop (Fremantle, WA AUSTRALIA) 3 and half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Yellow 7-Pot, Yellow Habanero

Instagram: @dingo_sauce_co

Leigh is a chef with over 20 years’ experience and he has created a range of fabulous hot sauces inspired by the flavours he loves. When Leigh and I were deciding which sauce from the range to add to the red box the conversation kept coming back to this little beauty. Bajan sauces hail from Barbados which is known for hot sauces that get their zing from a combination of chilli, mustard and horseradish. There a few different layers of flavour to this sauce starting with the onion and carrot and finishing with the fruitiness and heat of the habanero and 7-Pot chillies, definitely one to savour and enjoy. This is a great sauce smothered over chicken schnitzel. [Read the full review]

Chilli Seed Bank Ghost Pepper Sauce (Katoomba, NSW, AUSTRALIA) 5 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

ChilliBhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) Birdseye

Instagram: @chilliseedbank

As the creator of the World’s Hottest Corn Chips, Mick is not shy of adding some heat and he has done his best to share that in this sauce! Before the heat gets you, there is a great aroma of peaches and passionfruit. The sauce is of a thicker consistency thanks to the fruit and even has a slight sweetness to it…but this is fleeting! Before you know it, the ghost peppers kick in straight to the roof of your mouth and back of your throat. The chillies are ingredients one and two on the list and the sauce is rated at 1 Million Scoville Units, this has to be up there as one of the hottest hot sauces available made with natural chillies. The fruitiness of this sauce makes it ideal to use as an extra ingredient in a dipping sauce or savoury dip but is also perfect for a beef burger...but please go slowly! [Read the full review]

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