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Old Bones Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce Extra Hot ChilliBOM Red Box Winter 2020 Hot Sauce Club Australia

[Review] Old Bones Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce Extra Hot

Old Bones Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce Extra Hot

I first met Josh, the creator of Old Bones, when he debuted his new sauces at the 2019 Sydney Chilli Festival, it has quickly become a ChilliBOM favourite and we are proud to feature his very latest creation. Josh uses his own crafted smoking method that has been designed to smoke the chillies while at the same time maintaining their freshness and fruitiness and when you taste the results of this unique technique you will not be disappointed. There is a very nice balance between all the elements of this sauce, and it has a satisfying chunkiness that you can bite into as well as a nice even heat thanks to both the long red and habanero.

This chilli sauce really is one of those "everything" kind of sauces, perfect for breakfast, great on a chicken schnitzel or add it to some cream cheese for a very tasty dip.

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Some of the Technical Stuff

Heat Rating 3 and half ChilliBOMs out of 5
Chilli Habanero, Long Red
Origin Sydney, NSW, Australia
Featured in
OB Smoked Chilli Puree (Habanero, Long Red 31.25%), White Vinegar, Garlic 18.55%, Sugar, Salt, Xanthan Gum
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