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ChilliBOM Red Box Autumn 2024 The Celebrity Chef Edition Andeez Hot Sauce Hot Toddy Sarah Todd Melbourne Hot Sauce

ChilliBOM Red Box Autumn 2024


Well the title kind of gives it away but this quarter our all-Australian line-up of hot sauces features a sauce from an Australian Celebrity Chef! Hot Toddy is a newly launched brand from Brisbane, and has been co-created by celebrity chef and MasterChef Australia runner-up, Sarah Todd. The featured sauce is a tropical ghost chilli wonder! Our next 2 sauces are from Red Box alumnus: A1 Hot Sauces have recently been reborn as Andeez Hot Sauces and the creator, Andy (if that wasn’t obvious) has developed a brand new super spicy sriracha to add to his line-up! The final sauce this quarter is the infamous Melbourne Hot Sauce with a salsa verde style featuring the tangy, tart flavours of tomatillo. This quarter you also get to be your own MasterChef by trying your hand at the Pineapple Chilli Yakiton, created for ChilliBOM by Sarah, so get your aprons on!

Hot Toddy Ghost Chilli Hot Sauce (Brisbane, QLD)3 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Birds Eye, Bhut Jolokia

Instagram: @hottoddychilli

The co-creator of Hot Toddy hot sauces, Sarah Todd, was a runner-up on MasterChef Australia and she has teamed up with her brother Matt to create a range of recently launched hot sauces, all inspired from different spices from around the world! This little number is inspired by India, the birthplace of the ghost chilli, but it just reminds me of su...[Read The full Review]

Andeez Hot Sauce Reaper Sriracha (Perth, WA)4 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Carolina Reaper

Instagram: @a1_hotsauce

Andy has taken his award-winning smoked sauce to the next level with the addition of aged Carolina Reapers. The enticing rich aromas of the wood smoked chilli is the first thing to hit your senses making you almost think you're diving into a BBQ sauce. There is an amazing balance of sweet, sour, smoky and peppery spice that dances across your tongu...[Read The full Review]

Melbourne Hot Sauce Tomatillo & Jalapeno (Melbourne, VIC)1 and a Half out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Jalapeño

Instagram: @melbournehotsauce

A distinctive Australian twist on a classic Mexican salsa verde. Jalapeño is the main ingredient in this sauce and it brings that earthy capsicum flavour as well as a mild peppery burn right through your mouth. This is balanced out by the Tomatillo which provides some tartness as well as giving the sauce its thicker consistency. All rounded out wit...[Read The full Review]

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