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ChilliBOM Red Box Winter 2019 Hot Sauce Club Australia Scoville scale chillibomb

ChilliBOM Winter 2019 Red Box

The "Dimension" Edition

The ‘Dimension’ edition Red Box features 3 hot sauces across the taste spectrum – savoury, smoky, sweet(ish) and all with a good dose of heat! We have an example of a sauce that uses a few simple ingredients to create layers of flavour to another that uses an abundance of ingredients to create a sauce with an intense depth of flavour and lastly a sauce that use a whole different “cooking” process to create dimension and complexity.

The Ferm Sauce (Illawarra, NSW Australia) 2 and a half ChilliBOMs out of 5

ChilliBird's Eye, Cayenne, Ghost Chilli


The Ferm is a brand-new release on the Australian hot sauce market and we are very happy to part of the launch. It is the brainchild of Matt Taylor, and his love of natural food and the fermentation process has seen him develop a whole range of fermented sauces. For this sauce the capsicum and chilli are definitely the heroes, each combining to give it a very earthy flavour, this then is finished off with a little hit of lime. The heat builds at the back of the throat and has a nice lingering burn thanks to the Ghost Pepper. When you compare this to similar “cooked” sauces there seems to be a certain rawness to the sauce that adds a different dimension to the flavour. [See the full review]

Culley's Carolina Reaper Chipotle Hot Sauce (Auckland, NZ) 3 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli: Carolina Reaper, Chipotle 

Instagram: @culleys

Culley's Carolina Reaper and Chipotle is a collaboration between Culley's and the Pucker Butt Pepper Company, which is the home of the World's Hottest Chilli. This is a thick dark brown sauce with spices you can definitely see, and it has a noticeable smoky aroma from the chipotle. The abundance of ingredients is combined perfectly to create just the right balance and layers of sweet, tang, salty and of course smoky. The heat from the Reaper is not too intense but it does build, especially after you have served yourself some generous dollops, which you most definitely will! [Read the full review]

13 Angry Scorpions Grim (Brisbane, QLD, AUSTRALIA) 5 out of 5 ChilliBOMs

Chilli:  Carolina Reaper

Instagram: @13_Angry_Scorpions_hot_sauce

Patrick has done a standout job in creating a well-balanced hot sauce that delivers itself in 3 stages - sweet, naughty, grim. Stage 1 is a layer of sweet thanks to the molasses and sugar. Stage 2 is the naughty sharpness of vinegar. Now you may be led into believing by the end of stage 2 that the heat is not there but just wait for it, you will experience Stage 3 – GRIM; our friend the Carolina Reaper does its job and you will feel the burn from the roof of your mouth to the pit of your stomach. Enjoy! [Read the full review]

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