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CLEARANCE - Hawt Sauce by Derek's Hot Sauce

Guinness World Record

Jun 2, 2018

Perfect for Hot Sauce: Habanero

This is the chilli you’ll want to add to your meals to make for an extremely spicy salsa. Forget the mild Jalapeño, and don’t bother with anything spicier, for the average citizen the Habanero is the perfect addition for a strong salsa to really add a hard kick to the dish. In fact most modern day hot sauces will feature the habanero to really add that special tang to the salsa. For your regular person it will burn but is the perfect stepping stone into the world of the unbearable hot. Scoville Scale (SHUs) 100,000 to 577,000 SHUs Claim to fame Red Savina - World Record Holder from 1994 to 2007

Jun 2, 2018

A Sting in the Tail: Trinidad Scorpion

Good things come in small packages right? The Trinidad Scorpion is no exception. On average, one and a half million SHUs is packed into its tiny red body and its bumpy complexion gives the pepper a few more pockets to pack in the punch. Scoville scale (SHUs)  800,000 to 2,000,000 SHUs Claim to Fame Butch T - World's Hottest Pepper 2011 Trinidad Moruga - World's Hottest Pepper 2012-2013

Jun 2, 2018

Former Hottest Chilli in the World: Carolina Reaper

This is the Grim Reaper in disguise. With an average rating of two million SHU on the Scoville Scale, you will be wanting more than your deathbed after a bite of this nasty. And it’s officially the nastiest of them all! It is the current holder in the Guinness World Record for The hottest chilli pepper in the world. So perhaps it does make it one worth dying for. Scoville Rating (SHUs)  1,569,383 to 2,200,000 Claim to Fame Current Guinness World Record Holder for Hottest Chilli
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