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Autumn 2017

Apr 2, 2017

[REVIEW] Uncle Tyrone's Caribbean Pepper Sauce Medium

Once ChilliBOM was up and running Uncle Tyrone's approached me to try their sauces and we were hooked straight away. A true Caribbean style sauce made from Scotch Bonnet and birdseye peppers. Scotch Bonnets are another name for the Habanero Pepper used in South America and the Caribbean. The chillies used in Uncle Tyrone's are from seeds that were originally sourced from Trinidad.

Apr 2, 2017

[REVIEW] Changz Green Jalapeño Hot Sauce

This may be a controversial "hot sauce" for us to have included in a ChilliBOM box as it is on the milder side of the scale but I first tried this sauce at BL Burgers on Oxford St in Sydney where I liberally applied it to my Classic Cheese Burger and chips. The sauce complemented the burger so well that what it lacked in heat it more than made up for in flavour and so got the green light to feature in the Autumn 2017 box.

Apr 1, 2017

[REVIEW] Red Clipper Habanero Mango Rockmelon & Lime Hot Sauce

I found this sauce about a year ago in the back corner of my local fruit shop and it was the funky bottle that caught my eye. When I read the label and saw the combination of rockmelon, mango and lime, I was completely hooked.

Mar 5, 2017

[REVIEW] ChilliBOM Autumn 2017 Hot Sauce Box

This quarter we have featured a great mix of flavours and heat ratings as we keep exploring the ever-growing world of hot sauces available for us to try.
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